Sketch Albums (cotton 100% TCF)


The sketch albums contain 10 sheets in cellulose or cotton and are available in different weights and sizes.

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The sketchbooks contain sheets produced according to the tradition; the material used is cotton 100% or cellulose 100% TCF, not treated with bleach or chemical substances. Both sketchbook and watercolor albums are made out with sheets of the same quality. The only difference is that these sheets have been cut in order to obtain different sizes as follows:
Sketchbook (sheets glued only on the upper side)
       (35,5×49,5 cm | 31×43 cm | 18×25 cm)
        weight from 150 to 340 gsm
Watercolour album (sheets glued only on all sides except for a corner)
        (35,5×49,5 cm | 30×40 cm | 17×24 cm | 12×16 cm)
        weight from 200 up to 500 gsm.
(Note: The exterior of the whole line is made up with recycled paper produced by us.)
Click here to see our “USER GUIDE – cotton sheets” for each format and weight, tested for the use with different instruments and techniques.

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