Watercolour album with untouched edges


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The albums part of this new line include 12 cotton sheets of 340 or 500 gsm. The surface is smooth (cold pressed). The paper is always produced according to the artisan tradition; the material used is 100% Ph neutral cotton, not treated with bleaches, acids or other chemical substances. All of this to guarantee a long conservation and inalterability over time. Unlike the classic lines of watercolor and drawing albums, this line aims to enhance the characteristic of the “untouched edge” obtained in a natural way with our type of production and the main peculiarity of our production, which takes place piece by piece. The sheets with natural uncut edge will give artists and amateurs a unique touch, which will make more beautiful the works created. The outer folder is entirely handmade using a rigid bottom lined with our papers, while the sheets inside are held together by an elastic band.

NOTE: the “ON BORDER” albums are all available with “SMOOTH” surface sheets

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